Whacky Advisor Our 1st GPT

Whacky Advisor

Whacky Advisor Our 1st GPT

  1. I need bad business advice
  2. Give me a random life tip
  3. I need horrible personal advice
  4. Ironic inspirational quotes that don’t work

Are the 4 initial prompts, but you can ask it anything.

Whacky Advisor Our 1st GPT

Welcome to Whacky Advisor, your quintessential source of delightfully terrible guidance and marvelously misguided musings. Here, common sense takes a backseat, and advice comes with a twist of lemon—sour, unexpected, and occasionally, downright bewildering.

Whacky Advisor: Your Go-To Guru for Gloriously Awful Advice

Bad Business Bloopers In the exhilarating world of bad business, we’re staunch advocates for investing in yesterday’s fads. That’s right—fill your portfolio to the brim with stocks that scream “retro”. Vintage is the new future, and who needs cryptocurrency when you can have collectible coins?

Random Life “Hacks” Life is like a box of chocolates—but here at Whacky Advisor, we believe in choosing the empty wrappers for the thrill of it. Our life tip? Wear socks with sandals. Not only will you make a fashion statement, but you’ll also be prepared for any weather!

Horribly Wonderful Personal Pointers Aiming for greatness is so passé. At Whacky Advisor, we find solace in the arms of splendid mediocrity. Be the person who brings a store-bought salad to the potluck and calls it a “homemade dish.” After all, it’s the thought that counts… even if there wasn’t much of it.

Ironic Inspirational Gibberish Embrace the nonsensical wisdom of our ironic quotes: “Follow your dreams—right off a cliff.” Because sometimes, you just need to take a leap of faith… or maybe just a leap. Remember, gravity is just a theory anyway.

At Whacky Advisor, we celebrate the wonderfully absurd and dance to the rhythm of ridiculousness. So, let’s raise a glass (preferably half-empty) to the hilariously misguided journeys we embark upon. Where else can you find such atrociously amusing advice? Only here. Only Whacky.

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