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Values from Crappy Life Coach


Values are like solar-powered flashlights: great in theory, but don’t count on them in the dark.

Attitude from Crappy Life Coach


Attitude is like a flat tire – if you don’t change it, you’re not going anywhere, especially if you never had a car in the first place.

The journey from crappy life coach

The Journey

Life isn’t a journey, it’s more like a scavenger hunt where all the clues are written in invisible ink and you forgot your UV flashlight at home.

25 People Pleaser Jokes

Starting with 5 out of 5 People Pleasers agree….

25 People Pleaser Jokes
2024 resolutions you can steal

from crappy life coach

2024 New Year Resolutions you can steal

We want you to have the best 2024 ever

Should I start an only fans account. Where people pay me to keep my clothes on? vote

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This book is about the pranks you can play for companies making you return to the office.

31 Days, 31 Pranks


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Follow your dreams, unless they involve effort. In that case, just go back to sleep.

Priceless advice from Crappy Life Coach


Customer complaints are just free entertainment. No need to address them.

Before Crappy Life Coach we thought customers were important


Procrastination isn’t the thief of time; it’s the VIP lounge of life.

I use this insight daily. Thank you Crappy Life Coach


Certification matters.

I am a proud certified Crappy Life Coach


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