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Manifesting Swag

The swag has started for Crappy Life Coach manifesting series. Products are available for the United States, all US territories, US Virgin Islands, Canada, and Australia. Countries and territories may be charged and additional fee for shipping.

For other countries email


Starting with t-shirts in a variety of colors. You are guaranteed to manifest new friends because people will ask you what the hell does that shirt mean?


You are right and they are wrong! This is the affirmation of all these candles. Available in a variety of scents and sizes.


This mug has one side showing that you are manifesting chaos and the other calm. Allowing you to shove your status in the face of any person trying to talk to you while you are having your coffee or tea.


Some of you like to grind. The whole bean is for you. Others love to delegate tasks and that is the person for the ground.

Whole Bean or Ground