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Encouragement matters for Crappy Life Coach. Otherwise, why the hell are we doing this? I mean I could just be golfing or feeding stray cats and dogs rather than solving your problems, issues, challenges, etc..

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Encouragement from the money hidden in the mattress

If this stuff makes you laugh or brings a smile to your face show Crappy Life Coach some love. Different love amounts get you different gifts. All gifts will always be greater than your encouragement and personalized to your needs.

$25 Benefits

Supporter Shoutout: A humorous shoutout on the website or in a post thanking the supporter for their contribution.

$75 Benefits

All benefits from the $25 level plus:

Personalized Crappy Advice: Supporters can submit a question and get personalized crappy advice from the Crappy Life Coach.

Three Supporter Shoutouts: Three additional humorous shoutouts on the website or in posts thanking the supporter for their contribution.

$150 Benefits

All benefits from the $75 level plus:

One-on-One Crappy Coaching Session: A personal session with the Crappy Life Coach to receive the worst advice tailored to your situation.

Name Mentioned in a Post: Get your name humorously mentioned in a post as a thank you for your support.

Six Supporter Shoutouts: Six additional humorous shoutouts on the website or in posts thanking the supporter for their contribution.

$550 Benefits

All benefits from the $150 level plus:

Corporate Shoutout: A humorous shoutout on the website or in a post thanking the corporate supporter for their contribution, along with a link to their website.

Option – Crappy Corporate Workshop or Featured Crappy Sponsor:

  • Crappy Corporate Workshop: A humor-filled virtual workshop conducted by the Crappy Life Coach aimed at providing a light-hearted break from the daily grind, while humorously addressing common corporate challenges.
  • Featured Crappy Sponsor: Have the company featured as a sponsor on the website with a dedicated section showcasing their support, along with a brief description and link to their website.

10 Outrageously Funny Health Benefits Exclusive to Our Paid Subscribers

Welcome to the Crappy Life Coach’s premium subscription, where we offer not just a daily dose of humor but also a plethora of health benefits. Here are 10 outrageously funny health benefits that our paid subscribers have been “enjoying”:

Five Major Benefits

  1. Immunity to Bad Advice:
    • Our subscriber, Tim, once found himself at a crossroads. But thanks to his immunity to bad advice, he laughed off our suggestion to quit his job and become a professional rock-paper-scissors player. His career is still intact!
  2. Laughter Yoga Sessions:
    • Sarah, a dedicated subscriber, claims that our laughter yoga sessions helped her find her inner child, who apparently was hiding behind a mountain of stress. Now, she giggles her way through traffic!
  3. Crappy Diet Plans:
    • After following our Crappy Diet Plan, which included a regimen of donut lifts and coffee curls, Bob realized his regular diet wasn’t so bad. He’s now happily back to his routine, with a newfound appreciation for vegetables.
  4. Abs Workout from Laughing:
    • Jenny reported developing a six-pack from laughing so hard at our content. She now proudly flaunts her “laughter lines” at the beach.
  5. Bad Advice Stress Relief:
    • Tom found solace in our bad advice, realizing that no matter how bad his day was, at least he wasn’t following our ridiculous suggestions. It’s a stress-reliever like no other!

Five More Benefits

  1. Humor Therapy:
    • Laughter is the best medicine, and Mary can vouch for that. Our humor therapy helped her laugh away her blues, one chuckle at a time.
  2. Daily Dose of Irony:
    • Iron is crucial for health, and our daily dose of irony has been a game-changer for Lisa. She now tackles life with a sarcastic grin.
  3. Mental Gymnastics Membership:
    • Navigating through our twisted logic, John found himself mentally stimulated. He now credits his sharper wit to our mental gymnastics membership.
  4. Placebo Wellness Checks:
    • Our monthly wellness checks reassured Paul that he was in perfect health, despite the fictional nature of our medical team. Sometimes, it’s all about the placebo effect!
  5. Satirical Health Insurance:
    • When life threw lemons at Mike, our satirical health insurance provided the comedic relief he needed to make lemonade. The coverage might be fictional, but the laughter is real!

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Join our premium subscription today, and enjoy these and many more outrageously funny health benefits that will keep you laughing all the way to good health (not really, but you get the gist)!

In this walk and talk video I explain why your encouragement matters

At Crappy Life Coach, we believe in the holistic development of our subscribers

Which is why we’ve concocted some wealth-building benefits that are as fictitious as they are funny. Here are 5 hilariously unreal wealth-building benefits exclusive to our premium subscribers:

  1. Crappy Investment Advice:
    • Our subscriber, Alice, once followed our advice to invest in a startup selling sunscreen to vampires. Though the venture went bust at dawn, the laugh she had was a priceless asset!
  2. Satirical Savings Plans:
    • Bob was thrilled to discover our satirical savings plan, which suggested burying his money in the backyard to grow a money tree. Though the tree never sprouted, the idea did cultivate a hearty laugh!
  3. Mock Stock Market Analysis:
    • With our mock stock market analysis, Charlie was advised to put all his stocks into a company specializing in left-handed coffee mugs. The venture poured out humor, if not profits!
  4. Fictitious Financial Planning:
    • Our fictitious financial planning suggested that Dave buy a boat to dig for buried treasure. Though he didn’t find gold, he did unearth a treasure trove of giggles!
  5. Humorous Wealth Webinars:
    • Emma attended our humorous wealth webinar, where we discussed the economic benefits of hoarding rubber ducks. She didn’t inflate her wealth, but she did quack up at the absurdity!

Embark on a journey of financial misadventure with our premium subscription. While we can’t promise to fill your pockets, we guarantee to fill your days with laughter and light-hearted fun. Join us and discover a wealth of humor in the bankrupt ideas we humorously propose!

5 Divinely Humorous Spiritual Benefits for Our Premium Subscribers”

Embarking on a spiritual journey can be a profound experience, but who says it can’t be filled with a sprinkle of humor? At Crappy Life Coach, we offer a whimsical take on spirituality that’s bound to lighten your aura. Here are 5 divinely humorous spiritual benefits exclusive to our premium subscribers:

  1. Satirical Meditation Sessions:
    • Our subscriber, Fiona, attended a satirical meditation session where the mantra was “Ommm My God, Why Am I Doing This?” She didn’t reach enlightenment, but she did reach a state of euphoric laughter!
  2. Mock Mindfulness Practices:
    • Greg tried our mock mindfulness practice of being present during a pie-eating contest. He didn’t find his inner peace, but he did find inner pie, and a belly full of laughs!
  3. Humorous Healing Circles:
    • In our humorous healing circles, Helen discovered the therapeutic power of laughter as she joined others in chuckling at life’s absurdities. It was a soul-soothing experience filled with giggles!
  4. Parody Prayer Meetings:
    • Ian attended our parody prayer meeting where we prayed for a better sense of humor to navigate life’s challenges. The divine comedy touched his soul and tickled his funny bone!
  5. Whimsical Wisdom Webinars:
    • Jenny dove into our whimsical wisdom webinars, exploring life’s big questions, like “Why did the chicken cross the road?” She didn’t find the meaning of life, but she did find the meaning of laughter!

Embark on a whimsical spiritual journey with our premium subscription. While we may not guide you to enlightenment, we promise a divine dose of humor to lighten your spiritual path. Join us and discover a realm where spirituality meets hilarity, only at Crappy Life Coach!

The Hilariously Unscientific Statistics of Our Paid Supporters”

At Crappy Life Coach, we take pride in the whimsical community we’ve built. Our paid supporters are a breed apart, and we’ve got the “statistics” to prove it! Here’s a glimpse into the humor-infused lives of our premium subscribers:

  1. Happiness Index:
    • Our paid supporters are 100% more likely to laugh their way through life’s crappy moments, with a daily dose of our humor as their guide.
  2. Bad Advice Immunity:
    • Thanks to our premium content, our paid supporters have developed a 99.9% immunity to bad advice, making them virtually invincible in the face of life’s absurdities.
  3. Wealth Accumulation (not):
    • Our paid supporters are 75% more likely to find wealth in laughter, even if their wallets vehemently disagree.
  4. Spiritual Enlightenment (the funny kind):
    • With a light-hearted approach to spirituality, our paid supporters are 80% more likely to find the lighter side of enlightenment, even if it’s just the light from the fridge at midnight.
  5. Stress Reduction:
    • Laughter is a natural stress-buster, and our paid supporters experience a 90% reduction in stress when chuckling at our content, even if it’s just temporary.
  6. Community Engagement:
    • Engaging in humorous discussions and enjoying a community that appreciates a good laugh, our paid supporters engage in 100% more comedic camaraderie.
  7. Absurdity Appreciation Index:
    • Scoring a whopping 110 on the Absurdity Appreciation Index, our paid supporters revel in the ridiculousness of life.
  8. Daily Laughter Quota:
    • Our paid supporters exceed their daily laughter quota by 200%, thanks to the outrageously funny content we provide.

Our paid supporters are not just subscribers; they are the hearty laughers, the joy-seekers, and the humor enthusiasts who make Crappy Life Coach a hub of hilarity. While these statistics are as fictional as our advice, the laughter and camaraderie are as real as it gets. Subscribe today and join the ranks of those who choose to find humor in the chaos, only at Crappy Life Coach!

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