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September Crappy Life Coach Advice

Welcome to version 29.6 of Crappy Life Coach. I’m here to help you make bad decisions personally and professionally. Thus, allowing you to blame someone else for all of your problems.

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Should You Get Married?

Yes, if your goal is to get divorced.

In the modern landscape of achievements, where degrees are earned and dream jobs are pursued diligently, one objective stands superior: obtaining the revered status of “divorced.” But first, matrimony awaits.

Think of marriage not just as a haven of eternal love or a shared Netflix account. No, it’s the key to the elite world of the divorced. A divorce without marriage is a contradiction, an unwritten book’s end.

Securing a divorce demands a marriage certificate. This isn’t just a symbol of unity; it’s your entry ticket to the elite divorced club. Marriage grants you the rich experiences required to join the ranks of the jubilantly divorced.

To aspiring members of the divorce elite, remember: no shortcuts exist. Marriage comes first, always. Only then can you enjoy the highs and lows, the hellos and goodbyes of human relationships.

So, take the marriage plunge. It’s the sole path to the thrilling ride of marital bliss and the unique freedom of divorce. Remember, “I do” precedes “divorce.” Engage in marriage, embrace potential freedom, and join the distinctive group of individuals who have both entered and exited a marital bond, where each ending births a fresh start.

Some of this weeks TikTok starting with the obligatory I’m back video

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Of course men think about the Roman Empire. That’s not the problem.

@crappylifecoach Of course men think about the Roman empire but that is the problem. The problem is all of your people not thinking about the Roman Empire. How are you not thinking about it what’s wrong with you? Why are you Gotta flip it on us? You’re the problem of us Jiminy Christmas that’s a crappylifecoach advice for today. #romanempire ♬ original sound – crappylifecoach

Be careful about weighing in on the celebrity challenge of the week


Rethink your celebrity strategies

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Is there going to be a government shutdown

@crappylifecoach Is there going to be a government shut down? If yes, what if no, why not I addressed the issue in today’s episode of crappy life coach advice for dealing with bad new cycles #fyp #crappylifecoach #gop #government #shutdown ♬ original sound – crappylifecoach

September Crappy Life Coach Advice

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