The dating app for people who don’t like people. Pre-register for Grumpmates today. It is free.


Meeting other people who don’t like people is about to get a whole lot easier.

Welcome to GrumpMates, the first dating app where those who aren’t fans of people can find someone equally unenthusiastic about human interactions. Discover the joy of connecting with someone who understands that the best meetings are canceled ones.

Sign up now and find your perfect antisocial soulmate.

Let’s face it, misery loves company—but only a little bit of it.

Find Someone Who Shares Your Disdain

Ever wish you could find someone just as unenthusiastic about people as you are? With GrumpMates, misery has found its company! Our app makes it effortless to connect with someone who’s equally miserable—whether it’s for a dinner where you both can complain about the food, a beach stroll spent rolling your eyes at the cheery crowds, or a coffee date where silence is the main course.

GrumpMates isn’t just about finding love; it’s about finding someone who understands that sometimes, the best conversation is the one you don’t have. Join now and discover how satisfyingly simple it is to meet someone who’s perfectly unhappy just like you. Let’s face it, walking through life alone can be a drag, but with a partner who’s just as jaded? Now, that’s a bit more bearable!

Ready to meet your match in misery? Sign up for GrumpMates today, and start planning your ideally uninspiring date now!

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