2024 Leadership Books

Crappy Life Coach is working on a series of Leadership Books for 2024. Here are a few we have in the production pipeline. Make sure to join our community and when they are ready you’ll get a free copy. Support Crappy Life Coach and get gifts.

Not An Idiot 2024

Micromanage Everything: Because No One Can Do It Like You Do

Ever feel like your employees are just oversized toddlers who can’t tie their own shoelaces? Then this book is your holy grail! Dive into the art of monitoring every breath your team takes. Learn how to hover like a pro and give unsolicited advice on everything from coffee choices to keyboard strokes. Remember, if you’re not breathing down their necks, are you even leading?


Yelling Louder: The Secret to Being Heard and Feared

Who needs respect when you can have fear? Learn the subtle art of yelling to command attention in any room. This book doubles as a vocal training guide, ensuring your voice is the only one heard in meetings, elevators, and even across crowded bars. Say goodbye to calm discussions and hello to a reign of terror!

Yelling louder

Never Listen: How Ignoring Feedback Can Skyrocket Your Career

Feedback is for the weak! Embrace the power of selective hearing and watch your career take off. This book offers practical tips on ignoring advice, suggestions, and warnings. Why adapt when you can live in blissful ignorance? Grow your ego and shrink your circle of advisers – less noise, more you!

Never Listen

Blame Shifting: The Art of Never Being Wrong

Tired of always having to take responsibility? We’ve got you covered! Unearth the ancient art of blame shifting and learn how to artfully dodge accountability. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to pin your failures on interns, technology, and even the office plant. Be the Teflon leader nothing sticks to!

Blame Shifting

Meetings About Meetings: How to Waste Time Efficiently

Discover the secret to looking busy without actually achieving anything! This book teaches you how to master the art of organizing meetings to plan for more meetings. You’ll learn how to fill calendars with pointless gatherings, ensuring your team has no time to do real work. Be the hero who keeps everyone in a perpetual state of confusion and fatigue!

meetings about meetings

2024 Leadership Books About the Series

Embrace these unorthodox methods and watch as your leadership style goes from mundane to memorably terrible. Pre-order now and take the first step towards becoming the leader everyone loves to hate!

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