Crappy Life Coach Unconventional Air Fresheners Line

Unconventional Air Fresheners are here from Crappy Life Coach – because we want your spring to smell better than ever. Get to know the 12 new products. Vote for your favorite and you could win $100. We will pick the winner on May 13th (my birthday).

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Unique Air Fresheners

Durian air freshener

Durian Delight Air Freshener

Embrace the exotic with Durian Delight, where bold meets beauty in a scent that transforms any room into a tropical escape.

Fish Sauce Fusion Air Freshener

Dive into culinary adventure with Fish Sauce Fusion, infusing your space with the deep, umami-rich essence of Asian cuisine.

Blue Cheese Breeze Air Freshener

Elevate your ambiance with Blue Cheese Breeze, offering a sophisticated, tangy twist that adds a touch of gourmet to every breath.

body odor air freshener

Essence of Humanity Air Freshener

Reconnect with the primal with Essence of Humanity, capturing the natural, musky notes of life’s raw moments in a comforting blend.

natto fermented soy beans

Natto Nirvana Air Freshener

Experience the bold heart of fermentation with Natto Nirvana, where each spray is a step closer to culinary tradition and complexity.

Cigarette air freshener

Smoky Whispers Air Freshener

Indulge in the nostalgic aura of Smoky Whispers, where the essence of cigarette smoke is refined into an enigmatic, inviting atmosphere.

garlic air freshener

Garlic Gusto Air Freshener

Unleash the robust zest of Garlic Gusto in your home, where the essence of culinary bravery turns any room into a haven of flavor.

Onion air freshener

Onion Oasis Air Freshener

Bring layers of intrigue to your space with Onion Oasis, offering a crisp, pungent aroma that surprisingly refreshes and revitalizes.

skunk air freshener

Skunk Spirit Air Freshener

Embrace the bold with Skunk Spirit, capturing the essence of wild adventures and outdoor freedom in a scent that’s surprisingly fresh.

vinegar air freshener

Vinegar Vigor Air Freshener

Revitalize your surroundings with Vinegar Vigor, where the crisp, clean essence purifies the air with a zesty, refreshing twist.

gasoline air freshener

Gasoline Getaway Air Freshener

Fuel your sense of adventure with Gasoline Getaway, evoking the thrilling open road and the spirit of exploration in every spray.

Gym Locker Air Freshener

Gym Glory Air Freshener

Capture the essence of achievement with Gym Glory, where the vibrant energy of the locker room meets freshness in every burst.

Dive into a world where the ordinary is overlooked, and the unexpected reigns supreme. Welcome to our collection of air fresheners that dare to defy, delight, and redefine your aromatic experience.

From the pungent punch of Durian Delight to the bold essence of Skunk Spirit, each scent is an invitation to explore the unexplored and cherish the uncherished.

Our range promises not just fragrances but adventures, transforming every corner of your space into a narrative of its own.

Whether it’s the culinary adventure of Fish Sauce Fusion, the nostalgic aura of Smoky Whispers, or the daring zest of Garlic Gusto, we craft scents that aren’t just smelled but felt and remembered.

Join us on a sensory journey where every spray is a story, every scent a memory waiting to be made. Embrace the unusual, the unconventional, and the unmistakably unique. After all, why settle for ordinary when you can live life scent-sationally?

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