Welcome to Speed Talks: Where Ideas Fly Faster Than Your Wi-Fi!

Speed Talks! Why settle for slow-brewed thoughts when you can have an espresso shot of enlightenment? Here at Speed Talks, we believe in the power of brevity. Our motto? “If you can think it, you can speak it — faster!”

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Speed Talks

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Speakers are training right now

That’s right. A Ted Talk is 18 minutes. Who has that much time?

Attention Span Friendly: Let’s face it, in the era of 8-second TikToks, who’s got 18 minutes? Our talks are so fast, even your goldfish will stay tuned till the end.

Speed Talks 18 Times More Powerful Than the Ted One’s

They are one minute. Meaning 18 Speed Talks = 1 Ted

Why Choose Speed Talks Over TED? 4 Reasons

  1. Blink and You’ll Learn Something: In the time it takes to scroll past another cat video, you could be enlightened, entertained, and possibly even a bit perplexed. That’s the beauty of Speed Talks!
  2. No Time for Stage Jitters: Our speakers don’t have time to worry about hand gestures or stage presence. They’re too busy making sure their rapid-fire wisdom doesn’t set the stage on fire!
  3. Speedy Delivery, Meaty Content: We strip down to the essentials. No fluff, no filler — just pure, concentrated insight, served at the speed of thought.
  4. Hands-Free Wisdom: Forget about analyzing hand movements. Our speakers’ ideas move too fast for their hands to keep up. It’s all about the brainwaves here, not the hand waves.
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speed talks are better than ted talks

Starting day 1 of Q2 2024

Join us at Speed Talks, where we’re too fast for doubts, too concise for boredom, and always just in time to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Ready, set, enlighten!

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