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Meet Chef Rib Tickler of Epic Eats. Locations in all 50 States, International locations, and both the North and South Poles.

About the chef

Chef Rib Tickler

Chef Rib Tickler’s epicurean tale began with a humble can of chicken noodle soup in a cozy Columbus kitchen. At eight years old, he wielded his can opener like a wand, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary with each pop of the lid. These were his first steps on a flavorful journey marked by joviality and jest.

Now, Chef Rib Tickler is the sultan of simmer, a high priest of poultry broth, with a laugh as infectious as his cuisine is comforting. He is a maestro of mirth, stirring humor into every pot, proving that the heartiest ingredient in any dish is a dash of delight. Chef Rib’s philosophy? A spoonful of laughter is the best seasoning for life’s feast.

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Restaurant Reservations

Our most popular dishes

Truffled Corn Dog Delight – $14 Savor the sophistication with our gourmet corn dogs, infused with white truffle oil, served with artisan mustard and garlic aioli for dipping.

Truffled Corn Dog Delight

Golden Prairie Popcorn Chicken – $12 Enjoy these bite-sized delights, coated in a blend of cornmeal and Parmesan, fried to perfection, and accompanied by a spicy honey drizzle.

Golden Praire Popcorn Chicken

Opulent Ohio Pierogi – $16 Indulge in these luxurious pierogis filled with creamy goat cheese, aromatic herbs, and mashed purple potatoes, topped with crispy sage and white truffle oil.

Opulent Ohio Pierogi

Cheesy Chi-Town Deep Dish – $18 Dive into deep layers of aged cheeses, wagyu beef pepperoni, and homemade tomato sauce, all nestled in a buttery, garlic-infused crust.

Cheesy Chi-Town Deep Dish

Luxurious Lake Fish Fry – $15 Experience this upscale version of a Midwestern staple: freshwater fish in a light champagne tempura, served with a creamy lemon-dill tartar sauce.

Luxurious Lake Fish Fry

Bison Bourguignon Burger – $20 Feast on our bison burger, slow-cooked with pearl onions and mushrooms in a red wine reduction, served on a toasted brioche bun.

Bison Bourguignon Burger

Silky Sweet Corn Bisque – $10 Relish the smooth, creamy flavor of Midwestern sweet corn, enhanced with a swirl of basil oil and a touch of smoked paprika.

silky sweet corn bisque

Gourmet Gooey Butter Cake – $8 Treat yourself to this decadent St. Louis classic, featuring a rich, saffron-infused cream cheese filling and a pecan-gingersnap crust.

Try our signature milkshake

Cotton Candy Cloud Shake

Cotton Candy Cloud Shake

Description: Dive into a dreamy concoction with the Cotton Candy Cloud Shake. This luxurious milkshake starts with a creamy vanilla bean ice cream base, blended to perfection for ultimate smoothness. Swirls of blue and pink cotton candy flavored syrup weave through the shake, creating a magical, pastel-colored spectacle.

To elevate it further, the rim of the glass is frosted with crushed pastel-colored candy and adorned with sticky, sweet cotton candy pieces. Perched on top, a fluffy cloud of blue and pink cotton candy, sprinkled with edible glitter, sits majestically. The shake is garnished with a sprinkle of fairy dust (edible shimmer sugar) and a light drizzle of marshmallow sauce, adding a touch of whimsy.

For an interactive touch, a small vial of cotton candy flavored popping candy is served on the side. Pour it over the cotton candy cloud and watch as it crackles and pops, infusing the shake with a playful spark.

Serving Suggestion: Serve in a tall, clear glass to showcase the colorful layers and garnishments. Provide a wide straw and a long spoon to ensure every sip and scoop captures the full spectrum of flavors and textures.

This Cotton Candy Cloud Shake is not just a drink; it’s an experience, designed to enchant and delight the senses, perfect for making any day feel like a carnival.


Epic Eats Locations in the U.S. States and Territories

U.S. States

  • Alabama – Mobile: “Magnolia Munchies”
  • Alaska – Juneau: “Glacial Gourmet”
  • Arizona – Phoenix: “Desert Delicacies”
  • Arkansas – Little Rock: “River Market Feasts”
  • California – San Francisco: “Golden Gate Gourmet”
  • Colorado – Denver: “Mile High Meals”
  • Connecticut – Hartford: “Charter Oak Charcuterie”
  • Delaware – Dover: “Diamond State Delights”
  • Florida – Miami: “Sunshine Sizzle”
  • Georgia – Savannah: “Peach State Plates”
  • Hawaii – Honolulu: “Luau Luxuries”
  • Idaho – Boise: “Gem State Gastronomy”
  • Illinois – Chicago: “Windy City Eats”
  • Indiana – Indianapolis: “Crossroads Cuisine”
  • Iowa – Des Moines: “Cornfield Culinary”
  • Kansas – Wichita: “Sunflower Suppers”
  • Kentucky – Louisville: “Bluegrass Bites”
  • Louisiana – New Orleans: “Bayou Banquets”
  • Maine – Portland: “Pine Tree Plates”
  • Maryland – Baltimore: “Chesapeake Chefs”
  • Massachusetts – Boston: “Bay State Banquets”
  • Michigan – Detroit: “Motor City Meals”
  • Minnesota – Minneapolis: “North Star Nibbles”
  • Mississippi – Jackson: “Magnolia Mocktails”
  • Missouri – St. Louis: “Gateway Grub”
  • Montana – Helena: “Big Sky Buffets”
  • Nebraska – Omaha: “Plains Platters”
  • Nevada – Las Vegas: “Silver State Feasts”
  • New Hampshire – Concord: “Granite Grits”
  • New Jersey – Trenton: “Garden State Gastronomy”
  • New Mexico – Santa Fe: “Enchantment Eats”
  • New York – New York City: “Empire State Eats”
  • North Carolina – Asheville: “Blue Ridge Banquets”
  • North Dakota – Bismarck: “Prairie Plates”
  • Ohio – Columbus: “Buckeye Banquets”
  • Oklahoma – Tulsa: “Sooner Suppers”
  • Oregon – Portland: “Beaver State Bites”
  • Pennsylvania – Philadelphia: “Keystone Kitchen”
  • Rhode Island – Providence: “Ocean State Oysters”
  • South Carolina – Charleston: “Palmetto Plates”
  • South Dakota – Sioux Falls: “Rushmore Refreshments”
  • Tennessee – Nashville: “Volunteer Vittles”
  • Texas – Austin: “Lone Star Luxuries”
  • Utah – Salt Lake City: “Beehive Banquets”
  • Vermont – Burlington: “Green Mountain Grub”
  • Virginia – Richmond: “Old Dominion Dishes”
  • Washington – Seattle: “Evergreen Eats”
  • West Virginia – Charleston: “Mountain State Meals”
  • Wisconsin – Madison: “Dairyland Dishes”
  • Wyoming – Cheyenne: “Cowboy Cuisine”

U.S. Territories

  • Puerto Rico – San Juan: “Caribbean Culinary Carnival”
  • Guam – Hagåtña: “Pacific Paradise Plates”
  • U.S. Virgin Islands – Charlotte Amalie: “Tropical Temptations”
  • Northern Mariana Islands – Saipan: “Mariana Munch”
  • American Samoa – Pago Pago: “Samoan Savories”

This list covers every state and territory, ensuring “Epic Eats” offers a unique, local culinary experience that appeals to residents and tourists alike. Each location is themed to reflect local culture and culinary specialties.

International Expansion

  • Thailand – Chiang Mai: Known for our “Thai Spice Symphony.”
  • United Kingdom – York: Home to the “Yorkshire Pudding Profiteroles.”
  • France (Europe) – Lyon: Famous for our “Lyonnaise Luxe Lamb.”
  • Kenya (Africa) – Nairobi: Try our “Savannah Smoked Sausage.”
  • Japan – Kyoto: Check out our “Kaiseki Comic Bites.”
  • South Korea – Busan: Famous for the “Dynamic Duo Kimchi.”
  • UAE – Sharjah: Savor our “Desert Delight Dumplings.”
  • Brazil (South America) – Recife: Home to the “Tropical Tango Tacos.”
  • Canada – Quebec City: Known for our “Quebecois Quirk Quiche.”
  • Australia – Darwin: Check out the “Outback Oyster Offerings.”
  • New Zealand – Dunedin: Famous for our “Kiwi Kinkalow Kabobs.”

Lesser-Known Global Cities

  • Reykjavik, Iceland: Known for our “Viking Veggie Vortex.”
  • Oaxaca, Mexico: Where the “Choco-Chili Shake” is a must-try.
  • Luang Prabang, Laos: Famous for the “Laotian Luxe Loco Moco.”
  • Tallinn, Estonia: Come try our “Medieval Meat Medley.”
  • Hobart, Tasmania: Best known for our “Tasmanian Temptations.”
  • Valparaíso, Chile: Home to the “Andean Anchovy Appetizer.”

Unique Locations

  • North Pole – Santa’s Secret Supper Club
    • Every meal comes with a whimsical toy garnish.
  • South Pole – Polar Peckish Palace
    • Specializing in our famous “Chilly Chili.”

Serving Santa and his team 365 days a year

How many days until Christmas?

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