The Importance of Stupid People

Doug Thompson brought this question to me today.

Dear Doug,

I will answer this in two ways.

Way number one – we agree that there is a limit to intelligence, then I would have to disagree that there is a limit to stupidity.

Way number two – we don’t agree that there is a limit to intelligence, you believe there is and I believe there isn’t. In that scenario, I’d agree that there is a limit.

Why would I do that?

In order to keep the loop of crazy going on – it is important never to agree, even when we might agree. Otherwise, two sides might come together and work together. That would be like something out of a science fiction movie.

We must honor the extreme importance of stupid people. Without them it is impossible for us to be better than and let’s be honest that is kind of important.

Great question,

Your Crappy Life Coach

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