Great Question About LinkedIn

Dan O’Grady asked a fantastic question about LinkedIn.

Dear Dan,

Some people on LinkedIn feel it is critical to add the word Agree with a ? at the end of their posts. They do this based on their dreams of super, duper, hyper engagement. They want to wake up and see thousands of people agree with them. It is their hope that by adding this word with a question mark, people will say to them – “Gee, you are the smartest person on LinkedIn!”

Alas, that dream is crushed when there post does not reach hundreds of thousands of people.

They will spiral into a deeper depression, if anyone decides to disagree with their post.

My tip, answer each one of these post the same. You may copy and paste this answer.

No, you stupid moron, I don’t agree. I think that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen on LinkedIn. By the way, what idiot gave you an account to post this stupid nonsense. I’d like to speak to the manager right now. Peace out biatches.

Great question,

Your Crappy Life Coach

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